About Koketso Growth

Koketso Growth is a unique large-scale heritage and tourism project specialist, currently leading some of South Africa’s most prominent national heritage developments. Expertly equipped to manage multi-faceted projects on any scale from conceptualization to implementation. Committed to creating authentic visitor experiences, heritage sites, monuments and public art installations that conserve and celebrate heritage. Koketso Growth is driven by the desire to tell important stories in a unique way, with sites make heritage relevant and accessible to everyone.

Preserving Heritage

Ensuring national heritage is conserved, shared and celebrated through monuments, historical sites, commemorative art and interpretive centres to be enjoyed by local and international visitors alike.

World Class Attractions

Attractions that authentically capture the stories of the past, made accessible and enjoyable through pristine facilities, cutting-edge interpretive centres and captivating displays.


Making heritage accessible with public art, monuments and attractions that invite local and international visitors to engage with history and the embedded values memorialised in these sites.

A Team of Experts

CEO Dali Tambo, a media and heritage-tourism entrepreneur, leads a team of industry experts who draw on a wealth of proven success and experience in managing every facet of large-scale heritage projects from conceptualisation to implementation.

We specialize in:

  • Creative conceptualization and interpretation
  • Project planning and strategies
  • Project management an implementation
  • Art direction and production
  • Research, display and museum-related environments

Opportunity and Development

Creating projects that open the doors of opportunity to South African artists, professionals and tradesmen who benefit from public commissions, tourism and valuable skills transfers.

Our Goal/Mission

Conserving, sharing and celebrating heritage through world class sites, attractions and artwork. Reviving and immortalising the stories and important values of the past, making heritage relevant and accessible to present and future generations.

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