Sarah Haines


Sarah Haines a highly specialised Heritage Project Manager with over 20 years’ experience in museum project management, cultural heritage, interpretation, research, design and implementation.

Having been involved with several of South Africa’s most notable heritage projects, Sarah Haines is one of the countries leading heritage experts, providing professional expertise in several fields: Interpretation, research, display and museum-related environments, cultural and heritage spheres and heritage tourism development initiatives.

Brief History

Sarah became immersed in the world of museum display as the head of the Exhibition Department of the National Museum Bloemfontein from DATES

In 1998 she formed a specialist heritage consultancy partnership where she became intensively involved in numerous prominent heritage and tourism research and development projects in South Africa. From this time up until the present she has forged strong industry related partnerships and relationships, and generated success through a wealth of knowledge combined with strong specialist strategic and operational capability.

She can number among past clients national government departments and Legacy Projects, local and provincial authorities, multi-national corporations and numerous private sector entities.

In 2011 she was employed as a National Heritage Project Manager by the National Heritage Project Company, a position she still holds. She was later given the same role within Koketso Marketing, as well as acting as a specialised advisor in all heritage and cultural matters for both companies.

Titles and Achievements

  • Head of Exhibition Department of the National Museum, Bloemfontein
  • Co-founder of Site Solutions, Heritage Consultancy
  • Director, Haley Sharpe Southern Africa
  • National Heritage Project Manager for National Heritage Project Company